WOMANEWER is a creative project directed by Laura Kenyon, produced by myself. Through improvisation and creative tasks we give woman who have suffered abuse, tools to communicate, explore and share their story through movement.


A series of panel discussions aimed at providing cross-sector insight to improve best practice in the Hiphop dance industry and beyond. Curated, produced and hosted by myself and Geni Lou

I'm the producer of the first full length theatre show 'Life According to Motown' by multi-disciplinary artist Saskia Horton. The work explores race, sex and power dynamics during the Motown era. Funded by Arts Council and The Place, premiering October 2021.


Alongside Kymberlee Jay and Suzette Brissett I presented the Channel4 documentary series "Strictly Streetdance". The series researched the impact of current socio-political climates on the development of streetdance in New York, South Africa & Brazil.


As Artolution's Virtual Bridges program manager I facilitate online exchanges between displaced children in developing countries in which they connect through dance, stop motion, visual art and games.

The Artist's Safeguarding and Well-Being Hub was created in response to a number of women coming forward about sexual misconduct in the dance scene. As a member of ASWH core advisory collective I provide safe spaces for discussion & exchange and implement guidelines and policies.


The Rain Jams are London's most popular breaking events. The Battles grow in size annually and reach a diverse international audience whilst providing platform and opportunity for local talent.


Together with Lisa Engelken I created Breaking Barriers: A dance Theatre Project aimed at bridging the gap between Hiphop and classical dance whilst developing the up-and-coming local arts scene in Denver, Colorado

In 2017 I developed an original battle format called Cloud Castle where dancers's creativity is tested through a series of tasks and challenges. Blurring the lines between theatre and competition whilst striving for improvised artistic excellence. This format has since been taken on by many other UK organisations.


I cultivate visibility for women by putting them in positions of power and lever my platform to create opportunities to elevate their position. By creating a framework for driving diversity as an outcome of inclusion I noticed a growth in discussions about gender equality and other organisations started hiring our female Judges & DJs.


In response to COVID-19 I set up weekly affordable online dance classes. This digitalisation of Rain Crews services helped us to stay connected to our students and combat exclusion and loneliness.

In repsonse to the murder of George Floyd I held a series of conversations with leaders in the dance industry that resulted in a report which identifies specific issues around race and suggests immediate actions artists and arts organisations can take to create a more inclusive industry


 I produced a FREE online summer arts camp for children in East London which included free hot meals. The camp created accessible opportunities for children and young people to be introduced to the arts, fighting against the closures of community projects and youth centres that have turned the arts into a luxury product. 


In collaboration with various organisations I use dance to raise money for disaster relief. Previous causes include Syria, Palestine and the Philipines

StopRockShop was a series of free workshops by London's leading Hiphop dance teachers, taught in an empty shopfront on Church Street, providing accessible top quality dance education