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In partnership with Lisa Engelken I created BREAKING BARRIERS A dance theatre project aimed at bridging the gap between Hiphop and classical dance whilst

developing the up-and-coming local arts scene in Denver, Colorado.


I produced a community dance programme with Artistic Director Laure Kenyon called WOMANEWER. We provided women who had experienced violence with artistic tools to come to terms with trauma and heal through movement. A shortfilm was created which was screened at the Barbican's DISRUPT festival.


In response to COVID-19 I set up weekly affordable online dance classes: DIGITAL RAIN. This digitalisation of services helped Rain Crew stay connected to the students and combat exclusion and loneliness. In addition to social benefits to existing students, we were able to reach an international audience of students normally unable to partake in classes.

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I produced a free online SUMMER HOLIDAY CLUB for economically disadvantaged children in East London which included free hot meals. The camp, supported by Tower Hamlets Council, created accessible opportunities for children and young people to be introduced to the arts, fighting against the closures of community projects and youth centres that have turned the arts into a luxury product.


STOPROCKSHOP was a series of free battles and workshops by London's leading Hiphop dance artists. The activities, supported by the Neighbourhoods Keeper's Fund, took place in empty shop fronts on Church Street to transform vacant streets to creative hubs.


In collaboration with various organisations and dance artists, we use dance to raise money for disaster relief. Previous causes for these CREATIVE FUNDRAISERS  include Syria, Palestine and the Philippines.

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WORK SMART are a series of conversations with leaders in the arts industry aimed at providing cross-sector insight to improve best practice in the Hiphop dance industry and beyond. Curated, produced and hosted by myself and Geni Lou. Guests included Ahmed Tobassi, Max Frieder, Kenrick Sandy, Paula Sello, Shomi Patwari, MissMe and more.