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In response to the murder of George Floyd, in collaboration with Clint Sinclair, I held a series of conversations with leaders in the dance industry that resulted in a  research report called TACKLING RACISM, which identifies specific issues around race and suggests immediate actions artists and arts organisations can take to create a more inclusive industry. Read the report here


I cultivate visibility for WOMEN IN HIPHOP by putting them in positions of power and lever my platform to create opportunities to elevate their position. By creating a framework for driving diversity as an outcome of inclusion I noticed a growth in discussions about gender equality and other organisations started hiring female Judges & DJs Rain Crew frequently hires.


I am part of the core advisory collective of the ARTIST'S SAFEGUARDING AND WELLBEING HUB (ASWH), the hub was created in response to a number of women coming forward about sexual misconduct in the dance scene. As a core member of the collective I provide safe spaces for discussion & exchange and implement guidelines and policies.

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I am one of the 12 cohort members of the WeMOVE CULTURAL LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME. Through this development programme we identify the needs of the dance industry and it's artists and producers and find ways to elevate the artform to the next level


An INCLUSION RIDER lets anyone you work with know what kind of work environment you need to perform at your best. By stipulating your personal values and using your platform to drive change, you can help partners, collaborators, clients or employers see the importance of diversity, equality and inclusion. You can find a template here

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