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Together with Geni Lou, I have created a series of 4 panel discussions with an incredible line up of panellists, aiming to provide cross-sector insight to improve work practices in the Hip Hop dance community and beyond.

For the majority of freelance artists, creating work and sharing it is one thing, but adopting sustainable work practices, turning one-off projects into long-term endeavors, building networks with various collaborators, adapting to different media, staying true to one’s values and artistic identity through time, often proves to be just as challenging than creating work itself.

There may not be a set formula to success, but there is value in learning from experiences of successful practitioners from various disciplines. We encourage our audience to tune in, be ready to be inspired to work hard, but more importantly work smart.

The panel discussions will be hosted on zoom, are free of charge and include closed captioning. Book your free tickets now on Eventbrite

The themes are:

Creative Entrepreneurship

11 May, 7pm – 8:30pm BST

Panel:MissMe (Visual Artist), Preach (Stand Up Comedian), Kenrick "H2O" Sandy (co-founder & co-artistic director of Boy Blue)

Creating & Capturing Digital

13 May, 7pm – 8:30pm BST

Paula Sello (Founder and Creative Director of Auroboros), Matthew Rosier (Visual Artist), Kash Gaines (Host & Content Creator for YAKfilms)

Artistic Identity & Collaboration

18 May, 7pm – 8:30pm BST

Panel: Marion Motin (Dancer & Choreographer), Shomi Patwary (Video Director & Producer), Shash'U (DJ & Music Producer)

Art as Tool for Social Change

20 May, 7pm – 8:30pm BST

Ahmed Tobasi (Director of Freedom Theatre in Palestine), Max Frieder (Co-Founder & Executive Director of Artolution), Habibitch (Activist & Dancer)

Book your free tickets now on Eventbrite

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